About Gaspardlihouenou

Gaspard Lihouenou Koutchika is a multiple award winning photographer with a successful track-record in various photography spheres that are not limited to lifestyle, journalistic/documentary, showbiz and event photography.
His experience working with artistes, producers, designers and other creative minds has fetched him many prestigious accolades locally and internationally.
Gaspard Lihouenou Koutchika is a Beninese photographer based in Lagos, Nigeria. His Male-child Circumcision body of work in Republic du Benin has been exhibited at the Fez Gathering in Morocco, and also in Ludwig-Maximilians University of Munich, Germany by Eva Maria Ocherbauer.
Gaspo (as he is fondly called by many), was the first runners-up at the Etisalat Photography Competition 2015 organized by the African Artists Foundation, also won the Environmental Awareness Photo Competition, and the Earthsfolks Ambassador Award in 2016. His works echo a passion for visual storytelling, focusing majorly on African trends, and connecting controversial dots surrounding culture, lifestyle and pertinent socioeconomic developments.